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Pieter A. Parmentier MSc.

Is originator and chairman of ENF Foundation which helps organisations to improve their networking and which builts knowledge networks e.g. for experts in sustainable development & energy, innovation, food research, rural development, selfhealing materials and health. Some other ENF projects: an e-waste project at highschools, local sustainability initiatives, guest teacher at primary schools, developing energy cooperatives, the development of regional sustainability and innovation centres for entrepreneurs, a nation wide farm-yard sharing project, a basic income initiative, a regional mobility project, etc. Since 2011 he organizes sustainability conferences for entrepreneurs.

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Earlier in his career Pieter worked for the city-council of Rotterdam as an economic policy and company consultant and was at the same time guest lecturer at Erasmus university Rotterdam. Afterwards he was the marketing and communications manager of the TAUW Group, a reputable and fast growing international engineering company.

As an interim manager (since 1993) he was responsible for, among others: a consortium of companies that assisted in the development of the Dutch HighSpeedRail project, the Utrecht public-transport-terminal feasibility study, an ICT project for secondary education and higher vocational training, as kickstart manager for the TNO Business & Science Park Environmental Technology Valley, as interim director of a rural development organisation, the development and management of Environmental Networking Facilities (ENF) and its knowledge sharing method advanced networking, etc .

In his spare time Pieter is an enthusiastic sportsman (cycling up and down mountains, sailing, etc.) author and publisher of articles and books about networking, art, nature and cycling expeditions (crossing the Himalayas, Andes and some other mountain ranges) [1], member of a number of advisory committees, guest teacher at primary schools, originator & organiser of several foundations and sponsoringprojects in a.o. Tibet and Peru.

During his studies (human geography of developing countries) he worked for some time in an African development project.

In short: Pieter Parmentier is an authentic manager who likes to develop innovative, sustainable and effective ways to improve knowledge exchange and our society in general. Or, as Paulo Coelho puts it: "he is a guy who is not afraid of making mistakes. He will not wait untill others are moving and always goes for the target".