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ENF Foundation





Pieter Parmentier started ENF Foundation in 2002 to improve the sharing of knowledge. 

ENF Foundation developed advanced networking, a method which facilitates people in (different) knowledge areas to find exactly the expertise they are looking for. This is not about ploughing through large databases and finding information of dubious quality. This is about finding, in an intranet environment, the person/expertise you are looking for and about sharing of knowledge on an unprecedented scale.


Some time ago, at a conference in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, participants arrived with a short list of people they wanted to meet. The unusual thing about this was that they knew exactly who was to attend and what their knowledge profile was! This is about improving the efficiency of meetings.


Why would you depend almost entirely on chance (e.g. at a conference) if the advanced networking backbone can make things easier, more reliable and objective. We call it a backbone because it connects people, initiatives, organisations and existing networks.

Drunken driver

Many people are, excuse me for the comparison, like the drunken driver who lost his/her keys and goes looking for them in the light of a street lamp. We tend to look around in our own familiar circle because that is easier and that is what we always did and because there were no other ways. But now we can just put all the knowledge profiles, of different knowledge areas if we like, into the same database and find the person who matches best with our query.


Advanced networking is a method developed to make the sharing of knowledge easier. And we have experienced that making your own profile by selecting a few documents (that contain part of your expertise), is something people are prepared to do to become part of the network. But our method includes more. It is not enough just to implement the technology and wait what happens. First we analyse the target group and their needs and give advice about publicity, how to bring in more participants, how to manage the network, etc. Professional and active network management is essential for effective networking. To ensure this we offer training and a full service subscription possibility for organizations and networks.


The technology we selected for advanced networking enables you to make profiles and search very accurately on the basis of concepts. You could say that every document (or organisation or initiative) is automatically transformed into a fingerprint which contains the unique set of concepts for that document. In that way fingerprints are made for every document and person and indeed for every query. 

So if you are reading or writing about a subject and want to find someone who knows more about it, just enter the whole document you are reading or writing and find the best match = the person who has that subject in his/her knowledge profile. Or if you want to organise a meeting, just enter the meeting programme. You immediately get a list of the people who match best with your programme and are probably interested.

Sharing knowledge and starting to cooperate should not be more difficult.